About Dr Kamal Ahmed

Dr Kamal Ahmed
Specialist Orthodontist

BDS (Hons)(Sydney), DClinDent (Ortho)(Sydney), FRACDS, MRACDS (Ortho), MOrth RCS (Edinburgh)

As one of the Illawarra’s most popular, respected and experienced orthodontists, Dr Kamal Ahmed has perfected the smiles of thousands of children, teens, adults and elderly Australians. With consistent five star reviews and praise from patients and peers alike, Dr Kamal knows that his greatest work was never yesterday, but must always be today. When you’re on his dental chair, you are his absolute singular focus. 100% of his attention, energy and concentration is on the exciting mission in your mouth, and your absolute safety and comfort at all times.

Dr Kamal holds academic qualifications from the most prestigious institutions in Australia and the United Kingdom, and is constantly fusing his global learnings and experiences to bring world-class care to his patients.

Dr Kamal was originally drawn into dentistry because of his passion for healthcare and desire to help people with their dental problems. He then became attracted to orthodontics after realising the value of a perfect smile and the positive impact it can make on someone’s life. According to Dr Kamal, “A smile is one of the most important human attributes. In fact, it is one of the facial features most remembered and adored by loved ones.”

Dr Kamal adds that “whilst how others see and perceive you is important, how you perceive yourself is of greater importance. Having a perfect smile adds a new level of confidence as you face the world everyday.”

Also, as a nod to our irreversible digital era, Dr Kamal elaborates that “having an attractive smile is absolutely advantageous in a world where our community transcends our physical neighbourhood. Today we live in a globally connected world of social media, where a perfect smile is valuable currency on dating, career and other professional and personal platforms. Superficial or not, a perfect smile on a profile picture can help capture hearts, projects and even careers. Just ask models, influencers, psychologists, dating and relationship experts, as well as people in the media, entertainment industry and public eye.”

Finally, Dr Kamal states that “ultimately, how you think of yourself affects how you present yourself to others, and vice versa. Rightfully or wrongfully so, this is the symbiotic relationship we have with our smiles. When we are internally confident, we externally exude confidence. I am merely an orthodontist and bridge for thousands of people who wish to shift from feeling a lack to an abundance of confidence.”

Beyond his interesting philosophies on orthodontics, Dr Kamal prides himself on being “one of the funniest orthodontists in the world, and certainly the funniest in the Illawarra”. This paradox is met with cynicism by most of his clients who are satisfied with his orthodontic results and dissatisfied with his sense of humour that they must endure. Forcing dad jokes that he plagiarises from the internet onto his clients, Dr Kamal walks a tightrope between being the most inspiring and irritating orthodontist. However, what his clients don’t know is that it is all just a guise to distract them from the serious work he is doing in their mouths.

Funnily enough, and to the amusement and astonishment of many, Dr Kamal actually completed a Bachelor of Dental Surgery with honours, and a Doctorate of Clinical Dentistry in Orthodontics at the University of Sydney. With thousands of hours of additional study and qualifications, Dr Kamal Ahmed received a fellowship from the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and membership from the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in Orthodontics.

Beyond Australia, Dr Kamal Ahmed is also a member of the European Orthodontic Society, and completed additional study, gaining admission into the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. This is highly regarded as one of the highest international qualifications within orthodontics.

Prior to establishing South Coast Orthodontics at the Illawarra, Dr Kamal worked as an orthodontist at various clinics across New South Wales. His experience collaborating with other dentists and dental specialists formed his foundation and passion for treating more complex and challenging orthodontic cases. Dr Kamal’s clinical work extends to treating people who require medical attention from multiple practitioners, working as part of an expert team to make surgical corrections, alleviate sleep apnoea, and solve complex oral and orthodontic problems.

Beyond Work
Dr Kamal Ahmed is happily married with three wonderful children who equally run, rule and ruin his life. He is aware of his privileged position as an orthodontist in the world’s best country, Australia. To give back, Dr Kamal Ahmed has volunteered his dental services to Burmese refugees at United Nations refugee camps on the border of Thailand and Burma.

Professional Associations
Dr Kamal Ahmed holds memberships at the following professional bodies:

• Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons
• Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in Orthodontics
• European Orthodontic Society
• Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh in Orthodontics
• Certified Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider